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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2005 | 12:33 pm]
Good Liar
[music |canvas/DUMMY CHILDREN]

blog entry 07/22

friends cut

people who will be kicked off my friends list:


here are some of the reasons why i chose to remove certain people from my friends list..

◇ i don't know you
◇ i don't like you
◇ i don't read your entries
◇ you don't comment on my entries
◇ you don't update your journal at all
◇ i don't want you to read my entries
◇ i don't remember why i added you in the first place
◇ last and not least ― i can't refer to you as a friend

even though i don't update my journal a lot, i noticed that i friended some people that i simply don't have anything in common with and who i don't want to read my journal. i'm not interested in their lifes and they aren't interested in mine either, so why act like it? maybe some people actually are but in those cases i decided that i wouldn't let them have part in it. finally, i decided not to list reasons for removing a specific person because i think it's indiscrete and in some cases rude. those of you who are on this list, feel free to pick any of the abovementioned reasons that suit you. i guess there's nothing else left to say for me except 'goodbye' ― take care everyone

(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2005 | 07:20 pm]
Good Liar
[music |C/MASK]

blog entry 06/08

yesterday i wrote an entry into the BBS of the relatively new visual band SYSTEM GOAT, wishing them luck for the future. today during my free period i checked out their website again and discovered that both, vocalist 眼 and guitarist CHUCKY replied to my post xDDD

CHUCKY asked whether i was german and whether i knew RAMMSTEIN, as he's a big fan of them. you can already tell by his looks that he's probably into quite heavy music. ppl might say that he's a ZERO ripoff, but i think he looks incredibly cool and creepy *_* but see for yourself..


on friday there'll be a jamsession at daisuke's house. it'll be just me, him and dennis letting loose on our instruments and seeing whether it sounds decent, lol. in case we really decide to be a band, i found a 2nd guitarist. i really hope that everything goes well *o*
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「diary entry :: 02/01/2005」 [Feb. 1st, 2005 | 04:02 am]
Good Liar
[music |SCISSOR - koushou seiritsu]

bow, ich hab bis vorhin in slsk mit dajana geredet. sie ist riesiges yayoi-fangirl und ich hab im laufe des gesprächs sooo einen scheiss über yayoi zusammengesponnen x3 schon schwer sich morgens um drei das lachen so zu verkneifen..

the conversationCollapse )

ich werde die nächsten tage wohl eher nicht in mein lj posten. bin grad dabei ein neues layout zu machen, weil mich das momentane echt sowas von ankotzt ~o~

achja, noch was. ich bin in letzter zeit irgendwie komisch drauf, also kann es sein, dass ich (mit ein paar ausnahmen) vielen hier sehr stinkig rüberkommen werde. meidet mich am besten xD
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「diary entry :: 01/31/2005」 [Jan. 31st, 2005 | 03:49 am]
Good Liar
[music |NEVER CRAZY - renai kousaten]

morgen und die ganze nächste woche ist berufsinformationswoche, was bedeutet, dass ich von einem vortrag zum nächsten jinglen werde. jedenfalls dachte ich das - da ich aber das formular mit den gewählten vorträgen verspätet abgegeben habe, wurde ich willkürlich in vorträge gesteckt, die sich überlappen, mitunter gar parallel stattfinden.

find das ganze sehr lustig, weil ich jetzt schonmal zwei vorträge ausfallen lassen kann, es sei denn jemand kennt ne möglichkeit sowohl einen vortrag, der von 12-13uhr als auch einen, der von 14-15uhr (allerdings ca. 20km entfernt xD) stattfindet zu besuchen. spontane selbstteilung? bruno, du kommentierst ja eh jeden scheiss, den ich (auch in die ljs anderer leute) schreibe, also wirst du es dir sicher nicht nehmen lassen hier deinen senf dazuzugeben xDDD

hab dann vorhin noch einen eintrag in das BBS von meinem 前略プロフィール getätigt (lol?) und gemerkt, dass japanisch doch sehr viel schwieriger sein kann, als ich es mir immer vorstelle. anyway, was unsere tolle autofahrt nach münchen angeht, so ist der aktuelle stand der dinge, dass chii und blady NICHT mitkommen *_* hab heute (nach SEHR langer zeit) mit max (aka. DA VISUAL KEI-GOD/DEALER) geredet und er scheint wohl in so ner billig-absteige in münchen zu übernachten. genauere informationen krieg ich die woche noch.

das wars dann soweit auch. (gott, was kotzt mich mein lj layout so an =_=)
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「diary entry :: 01/29/2005」 [Jan. 29th, 2005 | 04:28 am]
Good Liar
[music |CalorZe - (嗤) ~sub-standard article~]

talked to my parents about the money they owe me. once we've gotten past our financial narrowing i'll get my 1700€ \(⌒▽⌒)/ btw. i designed an lj for mivii but she isn't even using her damn journal (≧△≦) anyway, today i'll preorder my copy of Dir en Grey's new album 'Withering to Death' and my new minidisc-player. i hope it'll be here in time for the munich-trip because i would die without music (≧△≦)

speaking of the munich-trip ~ i still need to find a place where we can stay overnight. staying awake all night would be a bad idea because we'd probably not survive the car-ride back to mannheim *sigh* and i changed my opinion about animexx.. it's actually not such a bad place if you manage to avoid fangirls. did a lot of visage-love spreading today too ~(´∀`*)~ and one last thing - ☆★☆ CalorZe are like the hottest shit ever!! ☆★☆ seriously! but they're no easily-listening shit, けけけ!
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「diary entry :: 01/27/2005」 [Jan. 27th, 2005 | 09:23 pm]
Good Liar
[music |SUGAR FORKFULL - Ame to Muchi]

der schnee ist wunderschön *_* es ist so richtiger kitsch-schnee, der tolle geräusche macht, wenn man auf ihm läuft. ich werd voll sentimental.. *alle weiblichen lj-user aus friendslist mal durchknuff* x3

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「diary entry :: 01/26/2005」 [Jan. 26th, 2005 | 08:29 pm]
Good Liar
[music |gazette - ito]

heute hat nicolai urplötzlich bei mir angerufen. ich dachte erst am wochenende wär wieder ne party aber er hat angerufen weil er so ziemlich alle bekannten anekdoten von sergey zusammengetragen hat. es sind jetzt ungefähr 20 und ich bin am telefon vor bauchweh vom lachen fast gestorben. da die sergey-diaries auf deutsch viel lustiger sind, werden sie ab jetzt nur noch auf deutsch niedergeschrieben. weiter will ich euch mit meinen reden nicht nerven. lehnt euch zurück, relaxt und genießt:

\(⌒▽⌒)/ DOUBLE FEATURE \(⌒▽⌒)/


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「diary entry :: 01/23/2005」 [Jan. 23rd, 2005 | 05:52 am]
Good Liar
[music |vidoll - H×M×CRASHTRAP@ -black-]

for those of you who care - vidoll have officially lost their minds XDDD

( vidoll - H×M×CRASHTRAP@ -black- )
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「diary entry :: 01/22/2005」 [Jan. 22nd, 2005 | 01:59 am]
Good Liar
[music |Phobia - tsuki no kage, taiyou no hikari]

i've finally regained access to my computer and the internet. i sorta got it to work again by chance while working on my biology-presentation (speaking of which - i held it today and got 11pts for it. strike!). so right now i'm enjoying the advantages of having a computer again.. okay, to be honest the only thing i really missed was listening to music xDDD

anyway. i found a very cool website where you can order jerseys of the japanese soccer team.. AND j-league jerseys too! urawa red diamonds.. harr <33 but they're sold out atm. you can also have the name and the number of your player of choice printed on the back of the jersey. i wrote an email asking whether it is possible to have a fictional name printed on the back, too. on the hp it says that they also print kanjis on request *_* i mean.. how cool is that? imagine wearing a japanese soccer-jersey with 秘密結社コドモA written on the back xDDDD it'll be quite expensive though -__-;; 135€ for the jersey itself (it's an original though - not a replica) + 20€ printing = 155€

buying it xD
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「diary entry :: 01/20/2005」 [Jan. 20th, 2005 | 10:32 am]
Good Liar
[music |ANTIQUE CAFE - ese uranai]

so, this is for the 10,000 people who've been asking me to upload a recording of me playing guitar - well, here it is: my guitar teacher recorded 'knocking on heavens door' by guns'n'roses and i volunteered for the guitar-solo. well, i'm quite satisfied with the outcome except for the fact that i bent one note by a halftone instead of a full tone, but that doesn't really bother me.

i deliberately chose to play with nearly no distortion at all. with a lot of distortion you can basically just hack at your guitar and it might even end up sounding worthwhile. playing with less distortion is more challenging. the guitar i played during the recording session was my guitar-teachers new guitar: a fender telecaster custom colored version (colorwise it reminded me of a new york-taxi cab ^^;; it had this 'vintage'-look, too) with endless sustain *_* i so want that guitar.. i'll ask my parents to give it to me as a present for getting my abitur, hehe

i'm talking way too much

( 2005.18.01 recording session )

vo. friend of my guitar teacher
gt. guitar teacher
gt. solo. me
ba. guitar teacher
dr. guitar teacher
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