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Good Liar
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I was the candle, you were the spark, you brought the light into my dark. Together we would shine so bright, through the darkest day and the deepest night. By the touch of your lips I've been killed and then brought back to live. This time though, I won't be saved, no kiss will wake me from my grave. One moment I was caught off guard, just long enough to break your heart. I guess it's just like they all say, that nothing gold can ever stay. Now late at night I lie awake, the pain's too much for me too take. 'Cause I still get so lost within these memories and what could have been.

My lover where did we go wrong? The love we shared is dead and gone. Just like a flower once in bloom, now withered in this empty room. And everything has gone to waste, too distant now these happy days. I understand that we must part and yet it's tearing me apart.

Still every night I dream of you, but these dreams — they'll never come true. What's past is gone, it won't come back and so I tie this noose around my neck. Goodbye, my love, my time has come, any second now I will be gone but someday, my love, I swear I'll be the man you said you saw in me.