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[Oct. 3rd, 2005 | 12:53 pm]
Good Liar
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berlin + photos

on saturday morning i showered and packed my stuff. since i hadn't intended on staying more than one night, i only brought a toothbrush and tooth paste. i stuffed some books and magazines, an umbrella, my ipod, cigarettes and my digital camera into my handbag. i actually thought about taking my bike on the train with me so i could save money by not having to go by public transport. i rejected this thought the very moment i read that this was going to cost me 8€ per ride. i left the house around 09:30 and headed for frankfurt hauptbahnhof (outside it was raining cats and dogs). when i arrived at hauptbahnhof, i boarded the nearest ICE which happened to leave only a few minutes later. of the four hours on the train, i spent three hours sitting in a seat which i had to leave when the people who had originally reserved that seat arrived and about 30 minutes sitting on the floor, before another seat got empty. i killed time by reading and/or listening to music; mostly death cab, nada surf and the cooper temple clause.

i was supposed to meet maria and reni at about 03:50, so when my train arrived in berlin at 02:55, i still had one hour to kill. i went to the tourist office and bought a 48hr ticket, boarded the next train to rosa-luxemburg platz and went to neo tokyo in order to get my ticket for the d'espairsray vs. 蜉蝣 coupling concert in munich. upon enterin neo tokyo, i found it besieged by various visu kids; as usual. i got the ticket and walked back to hackescher markt where i called maria to tell her that i was going to be there in about twenty minutes. this was, as i was yet to discover, a quite optimistic estimation. the train took ages to get to zoologischer garten because it kept halting for no particular reason. i was quite amused by the reactions of the people around me.. this one guy, who probably had an important appointment, responded to the driver's explanation by shouting 'ihr wichser!'. so i arrived at berlin zoo about ten minutes later than promised and found maria and leni waiting already. when me and maria hugged, we accidentally bumped our heads into each other which hurt.. i actually wanted to take photos of the holocaust memorial first, but since we were all quite hungry, we decided to go eat something first.

we went back to hackescher markt, looking for a japanese restaurant which turned out to be situated very close to my half-brother's office (he's a lawyer). this reminded me that i still hadn't found a place to stay overnight. i probably didn't mention this yet, but this trip really was QUITE spontaneous!! i decided to postpone asking him, though. at the japanese restaurant we took ages to decide what we were going to eat.. i eventually had vegetarian やきそば, which tasted great! after having finished eating, we started to converse and after some initial difficulties, we extended our conversation for more than three hours. we talked about music, concerts, bands, fans.. cool people.. *cough* and it was hilarious! especially because both maria and reni have this berlin-accent which sounds dumb on guys but absolutely endearing on girls.
after having spent the entire evening talking, we left because they had to catch their train back to where they live (which is, contrary to what i thought, a considerable distance). we killed some more time by taking photos and eventually their train arrived.

i headed for the baggage-locker hall and called my brother. when he picked up the phone, he was like heytimwhat'suplistentothis~ and played some song he was working on. he was even singing and he sounds exactly like that depeche mode guy.. anyway, he asked me what i was doing and he was quite surprised to hear that i was in berlin. he invited me to come over and crash at his place. we sat down in front of his computer and talked a lot. it's cool to know that at least my brother is somewhat interested in my life, contrary to my father; this might be the case because he experienced the very same thing with my father when he was young. we talked about people, friends, love, future prospects and obviously our father. and it was so rewarding to finally be understood. my brother's personality and mine are so much alike and if i were able to step into his footsteps and become like him once i grow up, i would be glad.

when we started talking about music, he threw me his microphone and told me to sing.. he gave me a beat on his computer and after some initial hesitation i began singing the chorus of clear mind by derail. it actually fit quite well and i could tell that my brother was quite interested in doing a recording with me some day.. i would be much obliged! then i showed him my livejournal community and he was interested in hearing some songs by ichirou. since i didn't know where to download room#number songs from, i downloaded over by das:vasser and we listened to it. halfway through the song he said that this was 'so psychedelic!'. towards the end of the song (as it got more melodic) he even shouted 'horrible!' and i was SO close to telling him about how much techno sucks! however, my brother has been dealing with various genres of music all his life, so he must have at least some musical knowledge. usually, anyone who dares to criticize some song i am really fond of is dead meat (due to the simple fact that i value my musical taste extremely high. too high? no. just high enough.) he actually liked dir en grey though, but when he made me listen to the rock music he listens to (if he ever does), i was quite shocked because it was just so generic. people should really stick to just one genre, i guess.

after having talked until almost 02:00 in the morning, we both decided to go to bed. the next morning i had a toast and some coffee and we watched some totally cool u.s. tv shows on his computer. in superb quality, i might add; the files were all about 4gb in size. i can't recall all their names but one was called 'night stalker' and one was called 'supernatural'. if i find those on dvd, i'm so going to get them. i left his house at around 08:00 in the morning and took some photos of the südstern church. then i headed for the holocaust memorial. when i first saw it on photos i had mixed feelings about it, but now that i have seen it myself and walked around between the anthracite-coloured steles i must say that it is impressive in a depressing way. then i walked around and eventually came past the victory pillar. in one of the little parks that lie scattered around the victory pillar, i found three antique statues which i photographed, too. then i took a little walk through berlin and came past various flea-markets. this city is really growing on me! at about 03:00pm i got on a train back to frankfurt. i caught my reflection in several windows and i looked so siffig, lol. my hair was all messy and greasy because i didn't have a shower in the morning and spread the fat over my entire hair by putting water in it in the morning!

on my way back to frankfurt i managed to take a photo of the windpark i came past the day before. apart from that the ride was pretty uneventful. my parents picked me up at hauptbahnhof. in the back of the car there was midnitestar7's parcel AND the KuRt making of DVD which i didn't even expect to arrive anymore because i thought i had sent them an insufficient amount of money. midnitestar7, thx so much for the flyers! they're so cool; especially that 'old' dari one! i was SO hoping for that one. anyway, berlin was so much fun and my mere description of the events don't do the actual value of this trip justice at all. next time, i'll be sure to bring a much bigger flash card, in order to take more photos. speaking of which; here they are!

reni beim verspeisen einer lakritzschnecke

maria's extravagant lackierte fingernägel

südstern kirche in der nähe von der wohnung meines bruders

südstern; anderer winkel

holocaust mahnmal; froschperspektive

holocaust mahnmal; anderer winkel

holocaust mahnmal; orientierungslose menschen

römische statue; gesicht

römische statue; rest

rückfahrt; windpark aus dem zugfenster fotografiert

rückfahrt; ankunft am frankfurt hauptbahnhof

From: chipmunk_shake
2005-10-03 01:13 pm (UTC)
Das Bild vom Mahnmal ist wunderwunderwunderschön.
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[User Picture]From: midnitestar7
2005-10-03 01:32 pm (UTC)
Yay! The parcel came! I'm so glad.. that was nice and fast too! What's the CD like? Was it worth buying?

And yay that you like the flyers too. I basically picked up one of every dari flyer I could find.. I THINK that's all the ones I have but if I come across a different one I'll add it in with the next set of stuff!
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From: flo_o
2005-10-03 01:37 pm (UTC)
geiles high dynamic range lighting :O
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[User Picture]From: goodliar
2005-10-03 03:37 pm (UTC)
lol, du redest mit einem laien. was genau ist dynamic range lighting?
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[User Picture]From: yumiel
2005-10-03 03:26 pm (UTC)
wir hatten es nur nachts zum holocaust denkmal geschafft und uns geaergert weil wir keine schoenen fotos machen konnten. bei tag ist es ja mal sehr viel ansehlicher...
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[User Picture]From: kissou_level
2005-10-03 05:25 pm (UTC)
I'll take all of this as a reply to my sms >____<
you should feel proud! ~ i read it all!
I'm glad you liked berlin, I ve been there few times but my only recollection is from this year's trip to korea so basically I just remember the above mentioned zoologischer garten station. By the way what the hell does Lidl tickets have to do with it????
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[User Picture]From: goodliar
2005-10-03 06:07 pm (UTC)
lol, yeah. i didn't care to respond because i was expecting you to come across this entry sooner or later anyway. and about lidl; back in may you could buy the so-called 'lidl-tickets', their official name is bahn einsteiger-angebot or smth., at lidl (and at lidl ONLY). they cost 50€ and include 2 ordinary train-tickets with blank spaces for the owner to fill in destination station and departure station. so you can basically travel from where you live to any other city in germany and back for 50€, which is extremely cheap!
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[User Picture]From: kissou_level
2005-10-03 06:13 pm (UTC)
seriously! what would make you think I would read all this????
Im just really bored right now ^-^
oooh awesome! ~
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[User Picture]From: goodliar
2005-10-03 06:15 pm (UTC)
i didn't expect you to read ALL this. but i thought that if you came across this entry, it would answer all the questions in your sms x3
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[User Picture]From: kissou_level
2005-10-03 06:18 pm (UTC)
well i will have to say that NO it did NOT answer all my questions. What about the last one? There's nothing in your entry about that ? xDDD~
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